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During this pressing time, the last thing that we all want to be doing is worrying more about money... Which is hard because money, in this situation, makes the world go around... It's been proven that billionaires are not important for society, but it's also obvious that they're struggling less than those of us with less money to throw around.

Budget management is important, but at the same time, budget management is hard.... and different for everyone. I, personally, wasn't taught in school what budget management is, let alone how to do it! But I've figured it out... Priorities! Priorities have changed many times throughout the time, that is 2020.

With the children at home, it’s tempting to buy them loads of stuff to keep them entertained and quiet… But that’s not always necessary. Looking through sites like Pinterest or youtube can help to entertain children without spending much; sounds good, right? An idea that stood out for me is a treasure hunt, but with obstacles like a ‘laser maze’ made with string or tissue paper taped to walls or balloon targets to shoot with nerf guns to release the next clue (that would’ve sat between the balloon and the ceiling)

If you have pets, they are a priority as well… Obviously, it depends on the type of pet you have, an ‘at home’ pet like a dog or cat may not need too many changes made and therefore won’t require money to be spent; however, a horse or other ‘away from home’ animal may require extra money spent on livery and services – but ask anyone you have to pay for a payment plan that allows you to spread the cost so that you can make the most of the money you have now.

Food Shopping
Even with a global pandemic, you need to eat. While it is the last on the list, it is the most important! Food shopping is best done online for now, which is great because you can prioritise your shopping list and keep to your budget in the comfort of your own home without having to put anything back if you change your mind! Start with the essentials that you know your family usually needs and won’t end up wasting. If you or your child likes to bake, maybe prioritise ingredients like flour, eggs, yeast, and butter – especially because baked goods are cheaper than shop bought goods. If you have a household member that loves a fry up at breakfast time, buy big packs and take advantage of multi-buy deals – remember that you can freeze meats for dinners in weeks to come, and jar sauces last forever in a cupboard.

Planning and prepping
A final tip, make meals in advance – if you make 3 lasagnas at the same time, you’ll use less energy than you would’ve if you’d made them separately – so your bills will be lower! You’ll also save time and be able to spend more time with the others in your household.
You can also design games and entertainment for children in advance. If you sit down and make a week’s worth then you don’t have to worry about entertaining them too much for at least a little while.

Mostly, though, try not to stress! Enjoy the time at home, be safe, and have fun!

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